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Technology Platforms and Solutions that help your Business

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, February 3, 2022

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In the last 35 years, I have been investigating, researching, writing, studying, and applying knowledge learned and experiences gathered to be supportive of methodologies, platforms, frameworks, and technology solutions that just work.

When it comes to business and success, and technology; either their solutions are client/server based, hybrid cloud based, or purely cloud based; or manually managed (which I know a few that still work on paper and clipboards still - sort of cool in a way). Today, technology should be a support tool not a road block, and solutions are always evolving for some needs, and a migration to and from for other needs.
Let's break it down for the business:
1. cash flow and liquidity, lines of credit - make sure your A/R, A/P are working perfectly, you stay in the black
2. team pay systems - make sure your payroll is perfect, stock, options, benefits, insurance, etc.. perfect
3. communications - make sure your tools for communicating internally and externally are honed and guarded
now with those three things discussed let's talk capital and reputation
1. vision and mission - still a market need? a shifting market need? adapt, overcome. learn. apply.
2. competition - are you still the best at what you do? price, quality, support? m&a thoughts?
3. measuring the correct metrics - are the metrics you are measuring under control? correct metrics?
let's move on to technologies:
1. is the technology you use to be successful under your direct control?
2. are there contracts that need massaging?
3. are assets and liabilities of these technologies at severe risk? what are you doing to avoid failure?
now, with those items in mind, what is your roadmap:
1. do you have one? no? make one
2. do you have an exist strategy? yes! good. no? bad.
3. are your assets under control? just say yes. then do it.
more to come...

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