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Communication and how we live

by Mountain Computers, Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Well, another day, another challenge. I hope today is better than last year and last month.
Lost too many friends and colleagues in this COVID and mortality saga. Yeah, most of them just died in the last 30-45 days, yet, we communicated, just not as much as I had hoped.
3 guys, good guys, business owners, dead; heart attack, stroke, cancer. Now this month, a few more. When does it end if ever. I know being young, probably don't think about it as much, and we communicate and chat a bit.
Yet as you get older, friends and colleagues start to drop off. Bummer! I actually upset on how unfair things can be.
Oh well, another day, hopefully brighter. I wish my communication would not be to bitter sometimes and then again, we are human and our hearts and minds have a funny way of dealing with loss.
So, try to be as bright and as chipper and positive as possible, yet don't worry; if you slip up and say something wrong, or someone totally slights you, be forgiving and understanding and be safe.
more to come...

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