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AMD Ryzen 3950X totally pulling 7 amps over idle

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Its official, in the last 30 days my power company has confirmed that I am pulling more than average power.
Uh. Yeah. It's called an AMD Ryzen 3950X doing a full pull on 16 main cores, and hoping the rest of the threads help out.
Mama Mia! Its crazy when you watch the Power Pull (amps) when running full jobs for clients. This is a first that I have found that I pull 5 to 10 AMPS constantly over normal idle, for nearly 7-14 hours in a day and across 2-3 weeks.
Holy Smokes! That is why NV Energy alerted me to say; you are pulling 25% more watts than normal.
Duh! I am running a job for a client en mass..
more to come...

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