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Microsoft Windows Updates - fix one thing break another

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, January 17, 2022
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In the past 3 years, since Windows 10 has come out in 2015, and my teams and clients finally adopted it for the most part by 2019, its ironic an update fixes one thing and breaks another. My colleagues have told me that the testing of bugs, fixes and fixes upon fixes is pretty much handed to the public to deal with and report.
One of my Microsoft colleagues has nodded to me that modus operandi as the new norm, starting back in 2010.
For example:
Outlook Email - fix security, break send/receive
Printing - fix security, break printing across network
Webcam - fix security, break chroma gamma setting
What do you do?
1. identify the pattern
2. determine if update uninstall is possible; security more important than functionality
3. how long will it take to fix the fix; a day, a weekend update
4. do you have alternate means to do you task/job
5. don't freak out, its just a computer and people are human and understand if explained the situation
This is where I go out on a limb and suggest WSUS (Windows Server Update Services):
1. In these trying times, yes
2. It will allow you to hold updates that breaks your desktops
3. Yet it will not stop security risks from coming through
That's the trade-off. Security Risks come in three forms; system error, human error, a combination of both.
Have a certainty of calm in how you approach the problem solution troubleshooting; your methodology.
open questions
closed questions
urgency to a solution
reporting the facts not the emotion to resolve the situation
be empathetic and sympathetic
learn from the situation and continue to share workaround solutions for the next time
more to come...

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