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Intel and AMD Quad core systems are still viable for small and medium office use

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, January 8, 2022
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Today, another few quad core systems were delivered and setup for various clients.
Was there anything special about them? No, not really.
Just the basics:
1. Intel or AMD quad core (2.8Ghz or higher please, preferably 3.0Ghz or higher)
2. 8-16GB DDR4 RAM (DDR3 fine, DDR4 awesome)
3. 250-500-1TB SSD hard drive (WD blue is fine, Samsung EVO 860/970 excellent, no need for pro or red)
4. Windows 10 64 bit Home / Pro (OEM is fine)
5. monitor not included. most clients have existing 24"+ monitors SVGA/DVI-D/HDMI
that's about it. as far as connectivity, I definitely recommend staying on the RJ45 LAN connection. Particularly for speed and performance of financial applications like Quickbooks Desktop hosted or not, and online web activity.
more to come...

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