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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Documentation of IT/IS systems vastly needed

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, January 6, 2022

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I just finished a new client documentation report using Visio for one of their four or five businesses and sites. I have entered many businesses an no documentation was available of their networks, systems, applications, etc. It sucks yet it can be figured out quickly in the first hour to bring them back online if possible.
For me, no documentation, that is a no-no. I don't care who you are or how big you are, the client/we need documentation and its not about protecting your business against competition; its about protecting you and them from catastrophe.
Documentation gives us freedom. Remember that! It gives you/me/us freedom to move forward, up, onward, etc to other things without the concern that something kept secret that is necessary for the success of our client is in our hands only. Never keep secrets from your clients. As a vendor aka msp of major experience, document, share, print, secure, and keep as up-to-date as possible.
Remember, its not complicated, yet everything needs to be documented that is vital to support, repair, replace, and return to service.
For me, and this client, it took me about an hour and with a few tweaks a few items, we had it down and done. Documentation is so important.
Never forget - document, document, document, just like I always say, Backup, Backup, Backup.
Regardless of the size of your organization; small, medium, large - you/one must address the issue of data protection, and business continuity.
Sure, hardware is easy to replace, yet the data. Not so. Thousands of people-hours go into business activities per day, per week, per month, and that must be protected.
more to come...

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