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Competitive IT Support pricing rise

by Mountain Computers, Inc., Publication Date: Monday, January 3, 2022

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In the Northern Nevada area, I have realized that pricing and rates have increased by 25% for various good and odd reasons. Some IT businesses have gone flat in their growth, and some since 2017 were closing and merging with other organizations. By late 2019 when COVID-19 hit, up to 50% of some businesses closed, and others just shuttered their doors and services until after COVID-19.
Now in by late 2021, some businesses have relocated since commercial lease and rental space rates have skyrocketed in the area. As of 2022, existing businesses have relocated and started to re-open and their rates have gone up significantly for those that advertise their rates.
For us, we have seen the following and we were 5-10% under the average rate when we got started and have come up to the average rates by our 7th year in business; and then by our 15th year we are again 5-10% below the average.
These rates below are NOT our rates, just what we are seeing across the board on average. Our rates are at the bottom of this post.
Reno Sparks area IT support rates (the high average of what we see posted)
In-store IT Retail Repair Rates: (2006) $65/hr, (2013) $75/hr, (2021) $85/hr
On-Site IT Retail Home Rates; (2006) $65/hour, (2013), $85/hr, (2021) $95/hr
In-store IT Business Rates: (2006) $95/hr, (2013) $95/hr, (2021) $135/hr
On-Site IT Business Rates: (2006) $95/hr, (2013) $120/hr, (2021) $135/hr
Remote Support Rates:
Home Retail Personal Support Rates (2013) $80/hr, (2021) $80/hr
Business Support Rates (2013) $100/hr, (2021) $100/hr
Business Rates for us have stay flat for the first 10 years, from 2006 because our overall costs had not increased.
Reasons were:
1. Labor rates were above minimum in fact, 30-50% over minimums depending on position type
2. Parts were at 5% over cost instead of the regular industry average of 50% over cost
3. Remote support tools were added in 2013, reducing our overall on-site services saving clients significant value, and added more to our customer base, yet we stopped on-site home retail services due to a loss in revenue while costs remained the same.
note:  In-store Same-Day service; (2006) 20% premium charge, (2021) 20% premium charge
Mountain Computers Rates (2021)
In 2021; our Business rates were consistent with our 2006 rates until 2013 and then 2016 we increased our rates. Our IT in-store and Home remote support rates have remained consistent since 2013 at $75/hr and $100/hr (billed in quarterly intervals, no minimum).
In-Store Rates (2006-2021) Policies and Guarantees:
* Same Day Bench
* No Fix, No Charge
* Detailed Invoice with Manufacturer Part Numbers (when and where applicable)
In-Store Rates (2006-2021)
* Bench repairs $65-$75/hr
* Same Day Service $85/hr
On-Site Business Rates (2021):
* Server support, Network support (wired and wireless), Security services, User Management services - $120/hour
* Desktop Support, Backup Support, Antivirus Support - $95/hour
As far as other services Mountain Computers provides:
* PC and Systems Design services; (2006) $65/hr, (2013) $75/hr, (2021) $75/hr 
* Web Design services; (2006) $65/hr
* Web Development services, Application Development Services, Database Administration services (2006); $125/hr
* Cloud Support Services; (2013) $120-$500/hr, (2018) $120-$500/hour, (2021) $120-$250/hr
more to come...

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