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Maintenance and Support services review - annual activities

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, December 25, 2021

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Its Christmas Day and I was looking at all clients and their maintenance and support, design and development needs - and it just never stops. For some, they are slow, and for others, they are flat, and others they are trying to expand.
For me, we are flat and stable. Where do we want to go, up, flat, down, change gears, or what have you.
It's important to review your business plan, marketing plan, and mission. The vision was good to great. Then life happens and you get more than a box of cereal and some milk. Your clients are serviced, they succeed, they are happy, and you get paid; once or more than that over time.
So what is your goal? compete with some other companies that struggle or just keep to your guns and know that you are the best in what you do. hmmmmm.....
For me, at age 55, and had teams upon teams, would love to rejoin more teams and do greatness; yet, for what; stress, conflict, dealing with overpaid professionals whom you have to fix their stuff for nearly nothing. Hmmmm.. I would prefer to take the Nobel Peace prize in knowing what we do and just consider doing some great research and projects; and pick and choose our clients that are worthy of our services.
Considering all of that - what do you do?
I love helping people in "real" need and not those who are slow to respond and lackadaisical. If you ask me, do I have an attitude, of course, its one of not wasting anyone's time, that includes mine and my team. For me, I want to work on cool stuff and help companies and people in real needs, not some sort of ideas.
Regardless, get paid and get paid well for professional services rendered and tendered and love what you do, and show it - love it - share it - and care.
more to come...

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