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Troubleshooting laptops that will not power on up

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, December 17, 2021

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In the event your laptop was working yesterday and this morning it does not:
1. check power cord - check/switch to a different wall outlet
2. check battery - warm, cold, led on or off, hot
3. unplug everything - vanilla - just laptop, battery, ac adapter, no usb devices, docking stations, extra monitors
if you can remove the battery good, do it. if not, then just hold down power button for 30 seconds. then release. then plug ac adapter back in, and press power button. if boots good. it not nada, seek IT help to see if ac adapter is the issue or the battery can be removed.
sometimes a weak or dying battery will start failing and will hold the computer down and prevent it from booting. seen it happen a couple hundred times with clients. remove the battery and just use the ac adapter and it works. then go to battdepot.com and get your battery at wholesale prices, if they have it.
your data, sure, its inside safe usually and just wants to be copied to another system or be part of the existing backup so you can continue working on another system while your get your laptop troubleshooted and fixed.
most laptops last 3-4 years, 5-7 at best. if it is either of these then consider replacement versus repair, if repair is even possible considering the lack of parts, weak supply chain, obsolescence, etc.
more to come...

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