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Snow day - yay - drawing some trig, investing research, yadda yadda

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2021

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Today was a snow day - nothing going on. Yay!
what did I do? absolutely nothing; had a zoom meeting which got rescheduled to Friday.
then, just had tea and watermelon all day; oh bbq some beef ribs my wifey marinated for 3 days; yum.
then, drawing all day with ruler, pencil, some trig stuff, an ole TI-35 Plus calculator...
then, some investing research after looking at the @gsfcommunity partner links; @globant *meh* @thoughtworks *interesting*-- Would love to join the team at Thoughworks! very cool. 
... as a segue found martin fowler in their leadership as chief scientist for which his response was of some wit, and i thoroughly enjoyed exploring his website (see REF 1)
then I did some homework and research, which led me to paycor and twks both of which were interesting month old IPOs, that had promise yet the real winners were the long term investors from the Channel Islands who sold on the spike bump, and Edgar SEC Filing reporting was more than interesting, and some long term 100-200 million credit agreement loan note 12 was interesting in the 10-Q page 29, plus the Turing Holding D and then TWKS A action per all leadership. Normal? oddly GAAP and non-GAAP assurances - sure, why not, yet interesting.
*newsflash* Paycor (PYCR) of Ohio was one of those companies the same investors for PYCR same for TWKS who had their hands in their IPO, holdings, sells, etc;; PYCR has a new tool to determine if someone is going to quit. Now that is weird. Trust me, if your management is hands off and clueless then no tool will help unless you are perching yourself on the head of each team member. my teams were always great to good and if you work with them at least 50% of the day hands on, with each, in groups, on projects, in the action, then give them all a breather for an hour or two so you can review your own duties as a leader management, plan, review, plan action, etc... then you have a better idea than some tool. everyone daily has external and internal things going on; balance my friend - eye contact - and more - body language is so subtle and words make a huge difference... on a side note; yes, i have done vendor risk assessment management and tools and there are indicators that determine if a company is going up, flat, down, at risk, etc. i guess one can extend that to your team and employees en mass. just make sure its not discriminatory; the old rule, if it applies to everyone its not discriminatory; make sure of that. ethics 101.
 REF 1: https://martinfowler.com/
 REF 2: https://www.thoughtworks.com/profiles/leaders/martin-fowler
more to come...

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