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Writing, Publishing and when a writing block and haitus occur

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 13, 2021

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I was asked why I have not written or published in over 2 years; easy answer - other things are more important.
So, I have written 7 books, published 4 of them - and 3 of them I am proud of. 1 unfinished and published yet just like unfinished papers; the first part is good, second part needs some improvements, and the third part; well, that is still coming when I get around to it.
What next? well, when you get a writers block per se, don't worry. Just go with it. Life is about living, not about doing what others expect of you. Yes, responsibilities are important and yes, keeping a perspective on what is really important; keep your promises, don't let down your family, and be happy, healthy, and safe.
No matter what. This is your life. You are mortal. Enjoy it. Smile. Learn, Share, Care, and Be Okay with yourself.
If one has improvements that should be made; get around to them sooner than later - yet don't worry. No one really cares anyhow; only you do; and its up to you; no one else.
write. read. write. read. learn. share. care. sleep. eat. rest. wash. rinse. repeat. laugh. smile. en fin.
REF: http://mountainpublishing.org
more to come...

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