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SQL Server 2017 - reinstall fresh cleanup

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2018
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Oh boy, what a day of removing SQL Server, I mean the last 10 years worth of installations on my main development machine.  SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2014, 2017 -- It was a mess.
Well, after 12 hours and fully ripping out every folder, registry entry and permissions and environment variables, it was gone..
Yet, re-installation gave me a hiccup. It would not reinstall and for the life of me it came down to a simple DLL file was missing from the installation folder that for some reason did not extract from the downloaded iso.
I tried permissions, path corrections, everything and nothing worked until I installed from an extracted folder rather than a mounted ISO, all was well. Success!
moral of the story, read the last few lines of the installation log and there will be the answer. DLL missing. then google that DLL to see where it belongs and where it comes from and remedy that..
oh, you do have to download the Server Server Management Studio separately.
more to come...

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