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Present Day Situation - Happy Healthy Safe Secure - Long overdue from sharing

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, December 5, 2021

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This is a preamble to some good stuff. The following is just a glimpse of what you can be for yourself and the ones you love.
Now don't get crazy and think ahead. Just connect the dots and believe in what you sense, know and have experienced. Life is not about who is better than the other - though some believe it to be - its about knowing another and helping them and them helping you - and you being good to yourself and others. that's the secret.
here are my favorite top 5: 
1. be happy
2. be healthy
3. be safe
4. be secure
5. be horny
What does all of that mean above? Its about life.
Be happy with your life, be healthy in all that you do, be safe as possible, and be as secure everywhere, and be and remain horny for the love of your life.
Crazy happens. You either ask for it, or it comes to you. When you ask for it; well, its your fault. When it comes to you, when sensed, its best to avoid it and block and shield yourself from it.
Why do I say these things - when young you believe in living forever. As you get older and have family, you believe, well, now I have kids and a family and maybe multiple exes and families and more.
Why risk it. You don't. You just have to step away from the playing field and walk away. One can stay in the game but at a lower risk reward yield coefficient, or not. For me, I prefer to stay in the game and help those in need against the man and the machine, yes, the draconian world we live in, and help defend the weak and meek of the world who has abused them.
Altruism is real. Just be careful and I hope your karma and my karma is strong enough to thwart against the bad people and bad intentions of others.
These are my notes from me ahead of my current self and older self advising my younger self what to do and not to do.
more to come...

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