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Green software and reducing carbon emissions - greenwashing - life stories and lessons learned in the Army and Microsoft - GSFDAY

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, December 4, 2021

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With Green Software is the bottom line reducing carbon emissions or is it something bigger?
Will the GSF have two teams? a green team and a blue team? one fast, and one slow - still synced. (See END NOTES)... carry on, next paragraph.
Jose's intro was good (see REF 1). He talks about raising awareness -- is it not enough? No #greenwashing please. Let's just say, awareness is long overdue, and the GSF is almost late to the party. Will they ever get a seat at the adult table or is this just another foundation that will never take off and stays on the tarmac and remains flat. I hope not.
Let's be honest - The software development community is typically plugged in and knows the ground game and the big game. If we want to believe they don't know how much of an impact software development has, then I guess compiling performance, performance testing, and the like was never a consideration.
This is not a learning exercise. This is not everyone's first rodeo. Let's be blunt. If you are over the age of 50 right now, you better have more than a clue about this situation we are in as a planet. Use your brain. Catch up. If between the age of 15-25, maybe not, 25-35, more unsure and maybe just not really tuned in or have connected the dots as a professional in any manner, yet. Just doing a job and not really being a strategic expert as well as a tactical expert on the field of play with the world as a whole. As we sometimes say to newbies or noobs; this should not be your first rodeo. if it is, well, sit back, stay out of the way, listen and learn, and be prepared to jump in the hot seat and let's see how you do.
Mr. Dominguez is good to mention that he wants to help spread awareness. Well, that's like saying something is bad when there is no real way around it. Anything else? My Mom and Dad said, just talking about it is a good first start, and pondering it is another, and doing something or do nothing; well let's just say, you either grow up or don't.
Since this is a steering committee I get it, this is not a working committee nor a development team, nor a compliance and tax department that issues out carbon emission excess tickets and fines. This is more like going to church to learn how to remember that your parents said turn off the lights when done, if you just pee in the toilet, you don't necessarily need to flush the toilet, etc. Close the door behind you, keep the windows closed, closed the curtains and blinds when appropriate, and don't leave the sink water on after you brush your teeth. Don't leave the car running for 30 minutes just because you are too lazy to turn it off.
More people. More computing. More Power Suck.
Humans can be like ticks on a dog or they can be healthy inhabitants like barnacles on whales. The dog or whale can react differently depending on the intent of the rider. Ticks, bad. Barnacles, good.
Let humans be the barnacles to the Earth, and not be the Ticks on the Earth (as usual across history).
Back to more economics; the demand curve is never going to zero unless the people really go away. How so, as in mass population extinction (very possible), or some massive reduction in population say from intentional poisoning or virus or pathogen that wipes out say 30-50% of the old and young and creates a situation where a people cannot reproduce unless given permission; hmmm.. does that exist today? Has the creation of a problem to be solved been done countless times over mankind's history and you are not aware of it. For a powerful group of people to eliminate a portion of the population intentionally is really about a transfer of wealth, power and resources. Wars do that. Famine. Disease. Terrorism and the like. Its happening now again, by hook or crook, this has happened countless times, all at what cost? Human life. If you can't get land from a neighbor then conveniently eliminate them somehow; poisoning, blockage, etc. Well, if there are too many mouths to feed and support; what do you do? Political powers who control governments ponder...hmmm.. we have ideas.
Back to the economics of carbon emissions, the supply curve is not going to zero unless we just run out of something say like water, rare earth metals, food, oil, etc.
The planet is not going to per se stop us unless we run out of natural and man made resources that contribute to a dirty planet rather than a clean and efficiently managed planet.
The real trick is to just measure everything using our eyeballs and existing necessary billing and other metrics and details on how much waste we are producing and is it flat, growing, going down; even a little.
What motivation would there be for software developer to be more self conscious as a developer, team leader, business owner, etc. right?
Some might believe the Earth will be fine and if not, so what, they will be dead long before the problem really comes to them. Sure, they will pay the higher costs and pass that along to the client and public. Sure, what is anyone's personal motivation to produce results with the goal of consuming less now and over time.
Just do something simple. Start your truck or car and immediately drive down the street and hit the freeway doing 75 miles per hour, and consider the carbon burn. Do the same, yet let your truck or car warm up for 4-5 minutes. What's the carbon burn? Remember, this is a fossil fuel vehicle, not an electric vehicle.
When someone says, oh, my car is electric, now, it means your car is being charged and recharged from some far away source that is doing something similar, converting some form of natural gas or fossil fuel into electricity and sending it to your location. That's not eliminating the problem, that is just shifting the location and the transparent blame.
Let's think about carbon emission concentration versus carbon emissions spread. Think about a filter, call it the sky, and let's imagine cities have massive carbon emissions releases, and then again, so do farms with massive cattle and cows named called methane tanks. Are the emissions equal, more, less, evenly dispersed, concentrated? Just imagine either of these two burning holes in the sky namely a two way filter of sorts, dangers from space, and a filter and jet stream of contaminants that somehow get put into the water cycle. Oh, the water cycle, that is a whole nothing story yet in the same vein as this carbon emissions thingy.
I'll stop there for now. You might get too much to handle the big and smaller picture.
REF: https://twitter.com/gsfcommunity/status/1467052099594645504
REF 2: https://greensoftware.foundation/articles/meet-a-steering-committee-member-jose-lopez-dominguez-of-globant
As a final note, please please @gsfcommunity - don't take forever an appear to just continue the #greenwashing of a idea; yet be a doer not just a talker. Be the lightning rod, not the courteous lip service we have seen all along for nearly 20 years. If you let politicians or technology leaders who brown nose rather than have key proven successes - don't let them get ahold of the GSF; they will rub, stroke it, pet it, then tax it and kill it, and make it totally a dead beat horse/dog/bull or dad/mom/other; you choose. I choose we are more aggressive rather than peaceful.
Attack the ticks of the world and protect the barnacles of the world. Its not just carbon emissions either, its every natural resource and every thing is now power hungry and its called human beings demanding and needing more and more electricity, not just politicians seeking and gaining political grandeur.
In the US Army and military as a whole, we had this motto, everyone moves as a team and stays together, yet some of the new West Point graduates and leaders had a modified version; we have a red team and a blue team. We have a fast team and slow team. We need both. Not all soldiers can do a 5 minute mile. Those than can, we run, and we attack and we stick together. Those that can't well, that's the team that backs up the first team, and the first team backs up the second team and so on. I was always on the fast team, 10 minute 2 mile, yeah. for Real. We had company commander for the first team, and a few LTs for the second team, and the sergeants were spread across all of it. We ran as a company, defended, attacked and reconned as company and other companies eventually picked up our model. Not all COs had the latest in adaptive strategies and tactics, and we needed not a cumbersome slow company as a whole. We needed diversity in the ranks on the planning and execution of powerful and dynamic resources called "soldiers". the most valuable and power asset in your TO&E. Go Army. Go Marines. Go Navy. Go Air Force. Go Coast Guard. Go Merchant Marines. I salute you all.
Even at Microsoft, we had War Rooms and Project Central that had both planning and execution in the same room, sometimes on the same subject, sometimes just briefing the others, thinkers versus doers. The pressure was intense. The risks were high. The rewards were even higher. Not everyone at Microsoft was on an A team. 20% were, the movers and shakers, and 80% were not, the maintainers and sustainers. We needed both and some liked the stress and face pace and late hours, not always, yet most of the time, and some liked just 8-5, weekends off, vacations, holidays, etc.
en fin ; still just a farm boy from Oregon. which are you, city mouse or country mouse? it makes a difference and we do need both working together. where does the food come from asks the city mouse - the grocery store. the country mouse raises an eyebrow and says come let me show you; its over here in the field and garden.
more to come...

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