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FCC budgeting planning enacted 988 number why not 999 in addition to and or instead of 911

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2021
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I read an AXIOS news article on the FCC budget changes. I also noticed the 775 prefix requirement here in Nevada, as well as, other states for full 10 digit calling, because of the 988 national 3 digit number enacted lately.
Well, if you travel abroad like I do, 999 is the global number for emergency, and only in the US is 911. Why not 999 in the US as well. When they took on the task of 988, the FCC should have added 999 in parity with 911.
When we go to space, 911 won't work and if we believe in thinking global, acting local -- still -- then 999 should be universal. I realize we had standardization battle over the last century over 110V versus 220V, and standard versus metric, and of course now FCC with 911 versus 999.
Let's keep repeating that universal standards need to continue. I sent a suggest to NV CD2 congressman Rep. Amodei in hopes he picks up my note and considers further investigation and improvements to the FCC 911 system and in doing so, making it 999 as well in parity with the rest of the world.
REF 1 : https://www.fcc.gov/suicide-prevention-hotline
REF 2: https://www.axios.com/newsletters/axios-login-b95f7990-8f43-4d25-a635-8470acfee3b1.html
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