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Microsoft Windows 11 UI performance under review for 22H2

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, November 22, 2021

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In the latest news, the Windows 11 APP SDK folks gave some feedback on some slow UI/UX performance issues. Our GoGreen PC Tune-Up™ addresses alot of the UI performance issues on a binary level and something controllable by the user yet seemingly hidden to most.
In the article and session Microsoft acknowledged it had some work to do. Feedback is essential and coming in 2022 there would probably be some tweaks to improve performance.
For me, that is good to know. I have always found performance of the UI to be an issue. While the user experience of "Oohhs & Aahhs" was Microsoft's remedy to captivating an audience; the juxtapose is that time motion studies and speed performance should be the bedrock of all design teams.
In light of the power performance curve and greenwashing versus actual green software, there is a diminishing returns curve where suck down more wattage to get the job done fast, saving time on power suck, versus, using less power and trying to achieve the same results in the same time or less or better than less.
What do we do? Since the dawn of code walking and code usage in my history some 25+ years ago, Microsoft did a code review back in the mid 1990s of Windows NT 3.5 workstation operating system which led to version 3.51 and then version and successful release of Windows NT 4.0 workstation and server. These were great operating systems of the time. Some millions of lines of code removed, performance in terms of kernel vs zernel vs all the letters of the alphabet to reach metrics and goals of the kernel pipeline and performance.
I wonder if they still have a performance type of team today called zernel or what have you. Maybe they just look at functionality under development and then speed it up later, or rather in-line quality performance review and testing as one goes along.
The article did mention Microsoft tested on available hardware. What hardware? A dual core Intel and AMD Athlon with discrete graphics gpu and apu and maybe just 4GB or 2GB of RAM on a 1TB 5400 green platter drive. I wonder. Maybe the test labs only had i3 quad core 8gb ram 250gb ssd drives and some form of RX 580 graphics. One does not know, and Microsoft probably does not care. Maybe just a virtualized vm array they spin up and remotely benchmark test suites.
Maybe there is a job in there for me to direct that in-line quality performance on all Microsoft os and app builds. Intel has the Blue Man Group, maybe Microsoft should have a Mean Green Team. Andy Flagg, Director of the Microsoft Mean Green Team responsible for performance and green computing on all Operating Systems and Applications and Solutions, on prem and in the cloud.!! Ha. Wouldn't that be cool!!!
Enjoy the article. 
REF: https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-promises-its-focusing-on-improving-windows-11-performance-come-2022/

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