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ASHRAE and BACnet an interesting combination

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, November 21, 2021

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So, for nearly 15 years, I have been doing HVAC client support for ~10 HVAC clients and engineering firms.
One of my clients, the owner and cornerstone of Northern Nevada; just passed. Sadly. I went to his funeral and it was amazing.
I have another client that is big in my mind, and I hope they propel to the next level for most of them are young and middle aged. They have another 10-15 years in them.
What I find interesting is the software and support behind the HVAC equipment. I really never got into the design side, yet I am most interested in the operations side.
The design side of HVAC design and configuration and sales order solutions - yes, a biggee!! yet what is the common denominator? The answer is a manufacturer representatives nightmare and dream at the same time.
For me, its about support after the sale, and the knowing of what a client can do to better management their installation before, during and after.
Where is the sweet spot!?
After a few months of research, and a few weeks of narrowing things down, yes, its BACnetâ„¢.
Where I go from here is up to my clients and their value proposition to me. Some of them want me to go deeper, yet no promise. One of them is definitely promising, yet then again, they are slow to respond and slow to commit. I guess that is the game of slow to hire, and quick to fire.
Oh well, I love to create cool solutions with some of the coolest standards that have taken nearly a century to solidify.
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more to come...

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