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Patterns and Analysis when it comes to Troubleshooting and Planning

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, November 1, 2021

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Today, already this morning, had the chance at 6am to review my weekend work notes, and again...
patterns emerge in the analysis of the problems based on good planning versus no planning.
1. what happens when documentation does not exist and a system is reset?
2. what happens when documentation does exist and a series of systems are reset?
3. what happens when you make the plan, follow the plan, review the plan?
4. what happens when no plan exists at all?
5. who is responsible for planning and approval of such, and execution and carrying out a plan to successful completion?
all of these 5 question is just the beginning of analysis and patterns that exist in organizations today.
moral of the story: fail to plan, then plan to fail.
i know some CxOs who have no clue other than to have an idea and pull the trigger and expect everyone to figure it out for them, whereas, there are other CxOs that actually have ideas, plan, carry out, and get overwhelming success and support. I am the latter, thank goodness, and all those that I worked for in the past were somewhere in between.
so, patterns. analysts like me connect the dots because not only we see from 20,000 feet keenly, we also see well at 20 feet, at 360 degrees of perspective, across space and time. before, during and after, we must be diligent to know what to expect in our results before we commit anything.
i for one enjoy patterns, analysis, design, planning, and execution of multiple challenges at all times, to go from operational to maintenance, back to research and innovation, back to operational execution of said research and innovation, rinse and repeat, and an entire lifecycle of continuous improvement.
which are you? don't worry. everyone has a gift, more than one, and know your gift, and leverage it and communicate it and enjoy it while you live. some take a lifetime to figure out what they are great at and others figure it out sooner. regardless, the journey is worth the wait.
more to come...

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