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2018 - the mountain returns more determined and certain

Published: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 written by Andy Flagg
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It is now 2018, and the mountain is more than determined and certain.
the filter has come off and all bed side manners are gone. the output and results are impeccable and we are ever so grateful for those that have helped us along the way. while we have helped them greatly, many are returning the favor 2 and 3 fold.
we now have gogreen pc tuneup software released, 1 major book published, and 9 more in the pipe. by July 2018 we will have more done and more resolved in terms of debt load to 80-90% gone, and income relatively stable and expected year over year, month over month for the last 18 months.
partnering and changing gears is inevitable, and while where we started is not that far from where we are, each of us on this journey has changed and improved immensely.
keep up the good work and don't steady oneself for greater opportunities and keep at bay all the drama and risks.
more to come..

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