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Green Software Day - Is there one? Why not - November 1st

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, October 31, 2021

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I was working on some parts of my software today and realized, everyone has a day for something!!
What about Green Software Day?! OMG!! Why not tomorrow? Greta Thurnburg would be proud!
So here we have it. I have decided, November 1st is Green Software Day. Now, I know it's only 5PM PST yet I live in the world not just in the PST timezone, so to make this real, I really did come up with this at 4PM PST USA DST and that would make it exactly November 1st, 2021.
OMG. We should just get busy and do it. I know the world has been waiting.
Plus, if some are voting on 11/11, that is just 10 days after 11/1, and we can elect leaders who are Green Software friendly too!! Add that to the campaign trail, yet lets keep it real. If they vote in the present and future on negative things against GSD, then we slap their hands and sanction them, and show them the door. Yet, if they continuously do good for GSD and GSF then we keep them around.
Guess what else we can do -- Let's get the trash out of the ocean and keep it out, the trash out of space and keep that out, and also keep our computing low power with maximum output and throughput, efficiency and effectiveness and awesomeness all at once.

What can we do further? Well, I can always just say as a 55 year old aka 10 year old in my behavior thank the Green Software Foundation, who has been laissez-faire with me, politely, yet I have been ahead of them for nearly 25-30 years. Oh well. I asked to be a part and since I have no money, which they needed, and not of some family silver spoon lineage, which I am not, nor political party powerful connectivity, thank god I am not; they kindly put me in my lane, sadly.
Yet, the promise of saving the planet is still there!!
Let's do this and get Greta who is so young and will probably live her years in space and come back to the Earth and help keep it green, will move on to space and be a great leader. For me, my life will be somewhat Earthly based until Star Trek really happens in my remaining great years.
To those that believe. I encourage you to stand up, listen, ask, question, and take bold steps to help you and our community, city, county, state, country and world. Remember, the powers that be will always hold you back because they have an agenda.
For me, I have learned, power to those that want to wield it forever over you and us alike is just sand in their hands.
Green Software was real from the age of computing. We had only so many bits, bytes, seconds and hours of limited computing time. It was a rare resource that we now believe is unlimited. At what cost?
The world is just now finding out that Al Gore's ideas of an Internet had a down side. It was abuse of power, literally, electricity. A limited resource for now, and eventually not an issue if we harness the power of the sun and other items within our grasp as long as it is not without detrimental costs.
I leave you with #LLAP
more to come...

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