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SQL Databases back in the forefront of my work


by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, October 29, 2021

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SQL databases are now back in the forefront of my research and testing, development and more.
Since Windows 11 still won't run on VirtualBox, I'll have to wait for the TPM virtual driver to appear.  Til, then, OpenData and SQL and more...
I have gone back to my master's degree alma matre portal for research sources and data, and they have improved things so much and because at the master's level, you get lifetime access to some pretty rich resources. Check it out if you can. I still don't believe I'll finish my PhD/DM work though I see folks around me 1/2 my age doing it, yet then again, some of those researchers are all foreigners which has been the way for the last 30+ years. Interesting to say the least.
I don't believe you need a PhD to start a great company, yet some angels and investors, and corporate conglomerates do like that on your resume in order to assume some roles either in the executive or the research. It's just like having a hall pass to do things. While most are certified and demonstrate that on paper, the research and real work application and translation to a working class becomes a little, and can be easily achieved with properly operational translation and language barrier removal and ongoing support.
My life would definitely be different with PhD. My social groups might be a whole lot different yet then again, its where you live too. If you don't live in an area where your skills are needed, you need to relocate. That's hard, yet necessary. Be brave. Do it if you have to. Don't be afraid.
more to come...

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