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Life - a New daily routine, day 4

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Well, its day 4 of a new daily routine. Its not like having a job, yet it is in a way, and a routine that returns you to your sanity. It's not 8 to 5, yet it is, maybe more, maybe less depending on the day.
It's called change your ways to improve and don't let others get in your way. It took nearly 4 years to get to this point, and while the previous 11 years prior to 2017 were good, some years were great, and some were pretty bad, yet that's life. Now looking forward, if you had a good plan, and revise it again to have a better plan, and some of the old is now gone, not the people, just the things, then its refreshing. It's like moving to a new town or city. No drama or baggage to come with you and you get a fresh start. Now repeat after me, only you can make yourself happy.
Considering all that, if you have had a tough road and some folks keep throwing rocks and shooting arrows at you, that's okay; they will wear down and stop eventually because they see it no longer causes you pain, usually because they are now out of range, or they are getting tired of being the way they are, not bad, not good, just annoying and still giving you that their cup if half empty while yours is half full. it's a mindset and some just can't get out of the need for more, than the happy with what you have. You still care and love them yet you have to remember why you started, how messed up things can be, and keep the good, repeat the good, address the bad, ignore any more mud slinging, yet keep your guard up, and feel free to throw a soft punch if necessary, not hard, and if hard, well, that's not good, but might be necessary, or give them one of my Mom's looks or Dad's frown and realize, they are treading on some thin ice, again.
You are stronger than you think and believe.
Remember, oil and water don't really mix, yet they thrive together if they accept their strengths together and understand their differences and don't fight with one another; and if you started out like that and still believe in goodness, then keep things peaceful and moving forward. You'll find your way back or out, or create a new dynamic that can be fun and happy. Don't sweat the small stuff anymore and just ignore things that need no energy. Don't give in, or give up, just continue to give, and smile. Patience and tolerance to a point.
Remember, you can't change a pig from being a pig, yet pigs are smart and can be fun and friendly, if you just listen to them, and see how they might end up doing some good in your garden.
REF: Mandalas are inspiring. pick the ones that make you happy. each day a different one, or just a few that make you harmonize with the world and earth.
more to come...

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