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Weather impacts and construction impacting power grids affecting PCs, networks, peripherals, and associated electronics

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, October 24, 2021
View Count: 489, Keywords: Weather, Storms, Construction, Power, Electronics, Surge, Brown Out, Damage, UPS, Surge Protectors, Hashtags: #Weather #Storms #Construction #Power #Electronics #Surge #BrownOut #Damage #UPS #SurgeProtectors

Since we are experiencing some massive construction growth in 2020 and 2021 in the Reno/Sparks Nevada area, we also have been experiencing a tremendous pull down on our power grid. Plus with worsening weather conditions by the year as we head into Winter season, please please, backup backup backup. N+1
What do these weather and construction issues do? It impacts electronics that don't like constant up and down power conditions, brown outs, and the like from wind, street closures, power spikes, lightning, water damage, fire, etc. 
While UPS and surge protectors do offer some hope, the impact is still seen.
Folks, make sure your backups are in place, local, offline, in the cloud, even on a jump drive, and pretty recent so if a power situation caused your work to go bye-bye, you have a backup to restore.
One can always replace hardware, its the data and hours spent in labor that can be devastating.
REF: @carbonite @sandisk @westerndigital @pnytechnologies
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