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New office space options, some, few, far apart, maybe new state?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, October 22, 2021

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I remember a MASH 4077 episode where Hawkeye says, carry on, carry over, carry forward, etc etc, and it makes me laugh about my next and different digs to do business and carry forward the best, leave behind the worst, and do what is best.
Only a few trusted folks left, maybe one or two, and even that, well... we shall see.
After 1 year of looking, planning, researching and getting a promise(s) from others to have them fall through, oh well. Back to square one in a way.
One good and another neighbor just moved away to Las Vegas, another just planning to move Carson City, and another, well, he's not so sure. The others are still back and forth between California and Nevada, while some have moved out of country for good reasons, others off the CONUS for good riddance, and a few others, ah, let's just say, put a fork in them, they are done.
I have a new small tiny space in downtown Reno for business meetings, and then another space for small repairs, and some storage left. Most of my stuff I recycled, discarded over the past 3 years since 2017, and that is fine. 
Happy Friday all, and I am bright and positive in myself and a few others, yet some are still just sticks in the mud and will never change.
more to come...

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