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New tiny office space added and 490 E 8th just a tiny space left to work in and storage for now

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Well, its final. After 17 years at 490 E 8th, its sold. A tiny profit, not much, yet out from under a really bad WF loan and now renting a smaller footprint here and there and maybe even changing states.
Since 2017, changing winds and prevailing times, since end of 2019 and early 2020 with COVID, and now, the time is right to just keep the name, wind down the possibility of a big retail opportunity, and stick with business only, and/or by appointment only.
Sad. Glad. Mixed emotions. Its been a journey for sure. Not perfect yet survivable, again. Really, who can you trust, maybe yourself and just one or two others and that's it. The rest, colleagues and maybe future friends, and definitely good neighbors always.
490 is now just a memory, the longest one in my adult life, 17 years, and now, good memories, trouble times, good neighbors many of them, and a home that is remarkably historical and I always will cherish. Funny, since my first home in Snohomish, Washington, 1016 Cole Avenue, to three other homes, 5069 Snowy Mountain to 1928 Scott Street to 388 Gould Street... they all have great meaning to me... nostalgic at best.
Happy Trails to me and others...
more to come...

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