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Planning, Preparation, Reflection, Smart Work, Hard Work, Inquire, Follow-Up

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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In the past few days, I have had the chance to ponder, wonder, ask and inquire, why do people seem to be in such a rush? Is it the environment, or is it them, or do they not know they are in some sort of rat race that they can compel themselves to stop contributing to?
Planning, preparation, reflection, smart work and hard work, all seem to go together for the wise that leads to more wisdom, and within that to inquire, explore, follow-up and the sort; methodically, pragmatically and more...
I wonder and muse. We are in a world today of now, now, now, swipe right, click that, scroll that, scan, send... yet was it always so? Nope. Remember, when you had to put a stamp on something, mail it, and wait, for like days, weeks, months. I chuckle. I remember those days.
Many folks I encounter today seem to have this mentality that instant gratification is the new world. It's not. That is a fleeting dream and fact that the world moves slowly and so should we stay aligned and in tune with nature; not our short lived lives and the little things and trinkets we hope to collect, and then go away and turn to dust not long after we are gone. Mortality. Interesting.
Question: Can we just slow it all down a bit and enjoy? Please. Stop and smell the roses, completely read a well written book, a newspaper column, and/or blog entry.
Consider this, the days when a letter was written thoughtfully, send, and then read thoughtfully, and kindly replied to... and so on and so forth...why not remind folks of that.
I did a test and study some 20 years ago, and asked the local news to share good news, not all bad news, and it took them 20 years to do that... 20 years... and even then, its about 10-20% of the news cycle, yet at least that is start. Remember, as light of day comes and goes, so does the dark of night... that cycle has long existed and we are programmed to that. Let's just say news folks, and the media, get to that percentage, 50/50 and I'll be happy. ;-) oh, and disregard if you are closer to the north and south pole. let's just keep the perspective of night and day at 50/50 for this moment. k?
Now, Rome was not built in a day, really, it wasn't. The architects over time had an idea, a plan, a framework to which great things were started, built, and lasted; so why not thought, communication and exploration. 
Maybe I am in the wrong part of the world or time to cherish that... maybe,
Remember, when did Noah build the ark? before the rain came down, before the rain; prepare, plan, anticipate, if you want...
more to come...

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