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Donation planning to your cause - that time of year again

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, October 7, 2021

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What is a cause? Why is it different than other types of activities and projects?
For me, a cause is; a purpose of living, being and supporting, doing, acting, organizing, planning, behaving. When you find your life long self actualization's; you will have arrived at your cause(s).
That leads me to your donations of limited resources, and that means sorting and planning your causes, giving some degree of priority, and more...
Ergo, it is that time of year again to consider donations to favorite organizations that have great causes.
My causes are:
1. Linux Mint - link
2. Wikipedia - link
3. Oregon Tech Foundation, my undergrad alma matre - link
  3a. Oregon Tech Shaw Library Foundation Support - link
4. Friends of the Library, Washoe County - link
5. University of Nevada, Library - link
That's about it this year. can't think of any others...
ps. my #3 I always try to support my CSET program and Winston Purvine and designate my donation to my program that made me successful. The campus as a whole made me successful, and #OregonTech #ASOIT yet lets be honest; the program exists and its the teachers/professors and students combined that make the experience great and awesome.  a few, and I repeat a few of the administrators were worthy for me to note that made it great. ergo: the Owens Citizenship award for the student(s) that contributed the most to the campus and community for their endeavors. Grin. Bear it. Let's get Oregon Tech KFalls back on the track of ASOIT if that is really a thing still. I hope.
more to come...

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