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Synology NAS installation and configuration tips

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, September 17, 2021

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So, today was the big day to install a 4x8TB Synology 1821+ NAS device w/ 500GB Samsung 970 Pro NVME m.2 and this is what I learned and shared, and continued to expand the process.
* for the most part, I wanted my IT onsite smart hands colleague to do the work with me so they learned the setup configuration questions and answers as we did this together to ensure we got it configured the way they do business... that was such a cool process..
1. unboxing was cool, my IT onsite colleague was too eager.. he opened stuff while I was doing other stuff and I was like.. hey, I wanted to help.. and he was like an eager beaver, and then we ended up do the rest together... funny, the young and fearless unlike me the old cautious and pragmatic...we laughed at that comment...
2. I said, take pictures of the sides, and labels, serial, mac addresses, etc.. before we get too far.. then we added 500gb samsung 970 nvme m.2 per the manual.. tricky.. left size.. then note future right size for 10GB NIC growth... we went through the 2.5GB/s new systems mobos and the future sonicwall 10GB switch and cabling, etc... and phone systems and daisy chaining a pc with 2.5b to phone at 1gb to switch at 10gb and what to do then... um.... let's think about it .... and POE on the phones no less....
3. we added 4 drives.. we connected 4 network cables...they added power and cycled it...
4. boot device... update firmware and cross fingers... done.. good... don't connect to synology cloud on purpose...
5. then setup name the NAS considering all things, then reboot and name and setup net nic to static ip after dhcp and fixed the DNS server to add A record.. and remove dhcp dns a record.
6. bond the nic to 4 interfaces on the primary static
7. build the raid 10 config and then the shares.... he did that and I just suggested things...
8. add the ssd cache and realize one nvme was Read only and have to have two to be Read/Write optimization. fine. order another 500gb nvme m.2 and install a few days later and reconfigure
9. create the shares and permissions, disable guest forcefully...instead of by default...
10. add the notifications.. had to get a group destination agreed upon..
11. enable the firewall ironically was not enabled...
12. add the indexing though only pictures, movies, music.. which it were more like docs and real stuff.
13. adjust the notifications to secure the channel and not some charter unsecure anonymous smtp port 25 587
14. add a backdoor admin account, since primary admin created security advisory notification annoying complaints
15. add some data...and a readme to each share
16. adjust ghost, caching and offsite backups to accommodate new nas device.
17. take pictures and share to it team for security, insurance and risk/compliance purposes
18. make sure relocation from test area to noc server area is safe, stable and secure with power ups protection
19. adjust cooling from quiet to cooling...
20. done for now.. take a few days and start transferring files, and communicate to team and staff on new space, ...
more to come...

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