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YouTube, Radio versus the Internet - RIAA and DCMA and other issues with Trademarks, Copyrights, etc

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, September 3, 2021

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For the life of me, we had radio, AM and FM, and then we had cassette tapes and recorders, reel to reel, etc..
If you wanted to play that song, you would call the radio station and hope they play your request... and so on and so forth..... and when the medium became available, you would buy your favorite cassette, LP vinyl record, etc..
Example 1:
I am a musician. I write a song, play a song, sing it to myself, to others, and so on, and then feel good about it. Then I realize I can make money from it. Then I figure out a venue, pay for play model, and then capitalize on it. Hmmm.. Then I realize, I have a really good song and then realize I want to make money from others using my song and playing my song... hmmm.. the world asks, why? my reply, because, its my song.. world replies.. are you sure... my answer is, of course.. i am original... and world replies.. are you sure.. and I say, sure.. for as much as I know.. and world replies... you are a duplicate of so many and so many before.... my reply. i am aghast and fret with why is my music and creation not worthy... world replies.. it is worthy.. yet for a fair price for a while and for time, and of course you are worthy, yet not to the point where Hades and the Hell created lawyers to penalize all creation from your gift. Me, so what am I? World says you are a great creator of music and you have gifts yet you should not allow capitalists and governments tell you what you should do with your music let alone your body, mind and soul. The world and universe says, thank you for your music and creation, and above all else, protect it and protect it for what it's worth, yet don't make your music an evil or Pandora box for evil well doers and wishers namely lawyers and bad doers.
Example 2:
This is a well versed litigious example one must complete... continue young adventurer..
So, then along came the Internet and offered us other forms of access to our favorite forms of media via:
* napster
* youtube
* vimeo
* limewire
* frostwire
* flvto.biz
*ahem* enters... the police of the Internet on content...
What is the problem?
Why are governments intervening in the transfer of rather normally free content made available all over the world on so many platforms, suddenly sanctioning the Internet delivery model.
This is a question that asks where does it start, stop, end, pause?  Well, the truth be told, I can hold up my personal digital recorder next to my speakers and record my favorite song(s) and save them and replay them to my hearts content, and/or put my favorite music list on YouTube as a List and repeat it over and over.
What do I love... freedom to listen and enjoy music without fee and royalties... because its in the air, and repeated freely everywhere...
When I heard about FLVTO.BIZ being banned in the US and UK for what they do, well, yes and no.
The work around is easy. Just add your music playlist on your computer to your YouTube Play-List on auto-repeat. Its a no-brainer. No copyright violations. No trademarks violations. No RIAA no DCMA. No Nada. YouTube lets you play it all day long on repeat.
my #RIAA dissertation can be found here
seque right to repair anyone....
more to come...

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