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Old idioms still hold true with all the worldwide stress we are experiencing locally

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2021

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In the world of stress and stress-free environments, which idioms work best for you?
I have some old ones, sort of cliche, yet then again good. I shared with my neighbors and my old timer friends at lunch in the past few days.
1. less is more, sort of a minimalist persona; if you know you are nearing end of life, clean out your closets and stuff, garage, etc... so your family does not have to do it for you. Save them the hassle.
2. can't fix stupid, one can fix ugly for a while
3. the circle of concern versus circle of control; stress-free means they are equal in size
4. do more with less; that's very anti-growth and not pragmatic*
5. don't write a check your butt can't cash; that is my older brother speaking. he is/was wise. i knew it and followed it for myself and only asked for help once as he instructed, yet tell that to my first ex-wife - nope did not work nor happen ergo "ex", and my middle brother took longer to learn it if ever, and my real sister, well, i don't know.
6. enjoy your life now. no further explanation required.
7. dream in color; believe in color, meditate in color; concentrate of the colors blue, green and white, not red nor black.
8. remove old life long friends from your life if they repeatedly cause you harm; a pastor shared that once to me. i did that for some early on, and held on to some too long believing in them longer than I should have. my mistake times 3. their mistake on me forever irrecoverable. greedy arrogant bastards. all of them. don't make me name them. i will if they press me further. idiots. i am an idiot for ever trusting them again, again, and again.
9. Don't give up. the suicide hotline is called praying to God and asking for guidance. He knows, in any language, and dream, prayer, and mumbling. Repeat after me. Don't give up.
10. Pray, Be thankful, Humble, Carry Big Stick, Walk Quietly, and when necessary Speak Up and Be Respected.
* more with less; let me explain. when it comes to doing things, we need more to do more per se. and we can do less with less. tell that to government each year or so they budget. they want more to do less and in doing so, really pay for the retirement of those not working anymore until they die. its sort of a debt to a promise hoping the retirees don't live too long after retirement, yet modern medicine seeks the opposite for most. for me, those living 10+ years after any retirement surviving past the age of 65+ should move along to heaven. The quality of life sucks and quite possibly greedy heirs and others step in.
Don't support inheritance tax EVER! The government does not deserve your inheritance; your designated beneficiaries do without taxation or penalty. Just hand your stuff to the next of kin at any level and call it good. The government does not deserve my stuff ever. I earned it. I paid for it. They don't deserve any of it. EVER! Repeat after me. Inheritance taxes at any level should not exist. The pain and suffering enough and the transfer of assets should be as pain free and zero cost as possible. Thank you. Tell your congress people and state leaders that if you can. When they die and their assets get decided for without their permission, there will be a fight, and don't give me this BS about having a trust or whatever. That takes lawyers and costs and fees. Just let the next of kin have it equally and don't let the courts get their grips on stuff that is not theirs to begin with... yes, I know kin will fight, believe me, I know. Yet then again, if we are following the golden rule and we are honest and true, we should not fight. Just do what your parents asked verbally and in spirit.
The segue is "Right to Repair". Corporations like Government want to control you beyond the ownership and purchase. Remember! They both are greedy bastards and that means women and men and all other genders that want representation. For me, I believe that we must know that if I own something, you can't take it away from me, ever!
more to come...

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