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Churches and their IT support needs - Grace Church Minden Nevada

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, August 15, 2021

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I did a road trip to Minden Nevada today to do some IT consulting for a sisters brothers and relations request, and in the process did some "church".
It's a church of Reformed Baptists per some random person I decided to sit next to, his name was Gordon and his wife's explanation. They were from Dayton. He was nice. I asked him for help to locate Suzanne the office manager and him and his wife pointed her out. I was like cool. Thank you. After that, I sat and started to enjoy the 10:30am sermon and preach. It was awesome. It was all about the sin within that we all carry at all times, and his exact words escapes me. It was like this, its in you to do sin and evil, yet, as you are aware, you can stop and avoid it, and work against it.
Well, after the sermon and preach, I met with the deacons and office manager and it was good. It was basically a cleanup of the existing situation and optimize a few things, add a strategy plan and road map for the next 3-5 years. Not a lot of cost, just good decisions, refitting and reallocation of some bought IT assets that were overkill and not necessary.
Afterwards, since I love airports and planes, I went to the Minden Nevada Airport and looked for something to eat and enjoy the planes and airport ; well, the smoke and smog was bad, yet the TailDraggers Cafe was cool and the food was great. I ordered a Bi-Plane (double burger with pastrami), and it was huge. I endured eating it all and drank a diet soda, and then water, and chatted with a fella who was an old electrician. I looked around and enjoyed the old postings, pictures and it was cool. I wished there were planes coming and going, yet only two learjets on the tarmac and those were noted..
REF: https://www.gracenevada.com/
REF: https://www.facebook.com/Taildragger-Cafe-192957557387232/
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