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Oregon Tech Alumni Reunion BBQ - Reno Nevada - awesome

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, August 14, 2021

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I had the pleasure to be invited to and go to the Oregon Tech 2021 Alumni BBQ here in Reno Nevada.
What was great about it?
#1 - great location and venue
#2 - great participation 80+ plus President Nagi and leaders....
#3 - great alumni coverage 1970s to 2010s
#4 - great simple food and wow.. that broccoli craisins recipe was awesome. we ran out of burgers too soon or maybe I was too slow.... the chick BBQ was awesome!! and the venue was the best... the kids loved it...
#5 - group conversations, group picture and the best takeaways -- love, giving, mementos...
no matter what... give, share, love, help, and don't worry about the drama...
Give. and the Don Metzler Scholarship and Memorium is one of many to come... do your part like I did, and keep it coming back to OIT.
Like Dr. Nagi said, your dimploma value will increase as we raise OIT to the polytechnic level and beyond...
the new director of development was awesome and the manager of alumni relations was cool..
REF: https://oit.edu
REF: https://alumni.oit.edu/events/summer-2021-reno-bbq
REF: https://www.oit.edu/development/oregon-tech-foundation/give-to-oregon-tech
more to come....

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