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Billing profiles applied to ISP connectivity issues, and a coax power injector in the wrong place

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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About 10 years ago, I had a charter coax internet connection, at 20/2 down/up speed. That lasted for about 2-3 years, and I switched over to a hicap ISP symmetric provider 20/20, 30/30, 50/50 for about 4x the cost, yet I needed the symmetric circuit. After charter became spectrum, i went back and got a higher circuit on coax cable instead of copper twister pair (8 pair to be exact)....
this is where the problem began, i had an old billing profile, and a new billing profile.... if a power outage occurs, sometimes the old billing profile got applied to the power up and re-provisioning. odd, so my 100/20 went back down to 20/2 and i could do nothing about it.
Alas, I came to that conclusion when I said to the escalation supervisor, its like i am on my old circuit and account from 8 years prior, and she was like, what? wait? let me look and there it was... how did that happen she did not know, yet I have seen it happen a few times...
so, if you have a service, switch off of it, and then come back and your CIR (committed information rate - ole slang for guaranteed circuit speed), does not match during a speed test. consider this. it could be your billing profile.
oh BTW - a funny not -- when charter spectrum installs a business coax internet and installs the coax splitter internet power injector in a conference room underneath a big screen tv and desk instead of on the telco wall in the telco area where the rest of the telco gear is at, and then the injector becomes accidentally unplugged, and the office is shuttered for 4.5 working days, that's a oh no we forgot to tell someone at the office, or the installer did not care to consider the ramifications of office cleaning staff or office workers thinking the power injector was just a coax plug-in to the wall outlet for the big screen tv and channel box, when it was connected to provide power to the internet cable modem working or not. it's okay. not. the managing partners were like, wtf and the it/net guy was like, who put that there and not in the telco and why did this not get resolved in 4 hours. why 4-5 days for internet outage for a business. alas, the answer was, oh its just internet, a business does not need that. now if the phones were out, we would immediately deal with that... what the ??? half our phones were VOIP too?! the spectrum repair techs were good and i wonder if one of them were the installer, because they sort of knew where to go to find the power injector, and of course the it/net guy was like, what the heck is that doing there under a desk in the conference room? uh... well... no answer... relocation completed to where it can be documented and monitored...
more to come...

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