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Network downtime and outages explained vs Spectrum Charter ISP

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, August 5, 2021

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So, we had an outage in Sparks Nevada today, a Thursday, and the eta on tech arrival is 5 days. Unacceptable. I have been the NOC Manager for 2 ISPs over 5 years, and the NOC Manager over three data centers for 10 years, and nothing like this should happen even for a business. One would be out of business for this type of weak SLA response. The SLA must be 7 days versus 4 hours. Weird. Bad. Odd. for two $150 pieces of equipment.
Spectrum Charter Internet Business support had no explanation and three escalation support requests and still same answer. being down from August 5th 8am to August 9th 3pm at best, was not acceptable. We had to close the office Friday, and all day Thursday the Internet was down, and we did have a backup network yet that was provisioned for other router and routing and that was some 2 years prior.
What do we do? Nothing. Two escalation folks were good and two were very bad. For us, nothing we can do now other than beg, borrow and steal, and send everyone home, lose millions of dollars and if it really was that bad, we would have had another $500 circuit in standby (waste these days and age), yet with COVID having everyone home already, after a month of the office back open, sending everyone home was more or less gonna have to work.
Moral of the Story: raise hell if you get bad and no answers, and then settle down and realize, the escalation folks are not in management from what we learned and would not escalate to management and did not really care; well two of them did, and two of them did not.
no call backs, no follow ups for 12-24 hours and guess what, the last escalation folks had two work around suggestions that they said might work and would authorize yet non standard and not protocol, yet in this case, please try it. the techs and backlog they cannot control yet they would authorize going around the techs altogether.
more to come...

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