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Software Development, releases and version control

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, July 29, 2021

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The GoGreen PC TuneUp software has been running strong for nearly 3 years in the wild and available to the public. The idea of open source has been given some consideration, yet, not yet.
The version control of the GGPCTU utility, software, application has been one of evolution for nearly, well, don't count out the years, let's just say since 1998. Twenty years (20) later, I release the software after the methods manually completed were started back in 2006 when Mountain Computers was founded.
The version control has been simple. Follow the simple rules. M.mm.mmm -- Major.Minor.Maintenance.
Release Notes included, and obvious security applied, and md5 hashes distributed, admin elevation built in with a trick, and zip download added to bypass smartscreen filtering, yet then again, Microsoft reputation review team has been pretty fast every time I release to allow new versions to go out and approved within 1-2 hours.
That's fast.
The antivirus companies requiring me to whitelist with them, do so very quickly, and I appreciate that.
Some of the distribution points don't follow their own rules and since they have been caught by major companies being inconsistent, bias, and unethical in their choosing, have stopped distributing software on a platform and at nodes. Oh well.
The best solution for software application development is to believe in your solution, know it works, continues to work, and keep supporting it, using it, honing it, improving it, marketing it, messaging the results of it, all the while, avoiding legal issues, privacy issues, and above all else data loss issues. Keep your tools clean and they will serve you and others good.
more to come...

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