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Data recovery techniques of old are waning

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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In the past 48 hours, data recovery of some media is waning in success. Older drivers, newer recovery software and separating on their success rate, as noted.
The old techniques even on newer drives is strangely not working, and new techniques are not working on older drivers. Odd.
So, what are those techniques and what questions come to mind?
1. is the problem hardware or software?
2. how long ago did it happen? when was the last time you accessed it?
3. mac, pc, linux?
4. what format - fat, fat32, ntfs, hpfs,ext4, link
5. the data files you are looking for? what types of files? link
6. do you have backups? any? where? backup method?
7. how important?
so how do you get at the data to recover? 
1. pull the drive? leave it in the chassis or case?
2. attach via usb or direct sata/sas, drive mount?
3. mount on a mac or pc? or linux?
4. which data recovery software to leverage?
5. what commands to use?
6. need a quick format? does it power up?
7. what else? freezer technique?

if it comes down to it - filesavers or drivesavers. both are good. 
more to come...

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