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Data recovery tips and tricks and backups en mass

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Here are some tips for backups and data recovery.
For the servers and appliances you backup
1. always have at least 10% free disk space on active servers
2. if you have vm's, make sure the vm's snapshots are another medium rather than full vm image backups
3. backups should be rolling, rotating and shadowed in various odd places, hard documented, not live doxed
4. backups can run every hour, few hours, locally and remotely and vary resource polling
5. send triggers and alerts to and through secure communication depots
For servers and appliances for data recovery:
1. recover vm images not back to the original location for testing and production swap outs
2. have recovery processes air gapped during security breach resolution
3. make sure wan access is very limited during spin up of recovery systems
4. use various non-standard tools and methods that are outside industry norms to obfuscate hack attempts
5. have regional and geographical recovery delivery methods reviewed and guaranteed, counter to counter if so
when it comes to the tools and techniques:
1. monitor industry hacking news
2. use a variety of tools and methods that are not vendor traps and vendor unique
3. have more than one person that reviews the architecture and security
4. only allow admin level non root level management and review
5. use superuser root access only in rare conditions and by master genius level engineering groups
more to come...

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