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Twitch is cleaning up their DCMA act

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, July 24, 2021

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For many of the twitch.tv streams I monitor, most of the streamers are getting DCMA notices and having to change their background music format and selections. Some of the streamers with larger audiences are getting some professional help from services that want good music to enhance their programming and advertising support.
For the most part, a year ago, most of the streamers were just ignoring the rules and laws, yet musicians and lawyers started taking notice and DCMA stepped in and issued serious warnings.
One can bend things yet not breaks things when it comes to certain activities. Willful vs un-willful is also a component of doing the right thing. Constitutional rights, fair use, and other legal things come into place and while copyright is the strongest legal tender to protect, trademark and other things just require attribution and other forms of fair use in action. No one wants to get sued let alone have to deal with responding to potential legal action, so just be careful, do one's homework and be respectful.
Twitch.tv is awesome and is now really growing, yet for those in the forefront of Twitch since 2010-ish, one has to know the rules of the road to drive safely on the Internet. I still always default the Internet AUP (acceptable use policy) that has been around since the dawn of DARPA and the rudimentary internet.
more to come...

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