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External storage solutions revisited NAS SAN CLOUD

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, July 17, 2021

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Its that time of year to revisit storage solutions for a number of clients. While most have a pretty constant rate of growth, maybe 1-2% per year, others have that per month and some per week.
What's the solution? NAS, SAN, CLOUD, SERVER based?
For me, server based is expensive at first and less expensive over time. RAID 10 with 4 each 4TB or 8TB drives and your done for a foreseeable future; 5-10 years. For others, a NAS is good, yet must be protected and have an N+2 redundancy. N+1 is good, yet N+2 is better, and not as expensive as one might believe.
For me, anything over 4TB in required space needs a NAS eventually, so why not a 4 bad NAS with 8TB each or maybe 10TB each, RAID 10, and call it good. Have a spare drive on the shelf in case one of them goes bad, and have that NAS backed up through a shadow copy to a workstation with secondcopy or robocopy on an interval tasking and then onto the cloud. That's the least expensive, not too complicated and keeps everyone happy.
a SAN? only if you want to shell out $10-20K and then the annual support contract of $2-4K.
for now, I have to get some drives ordered and one of two NAS shell's configured.
more to come...

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