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Are companies too trusting of 3rd party platforms with their business information and team collaboration

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, July 16, 2021

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This morning I was reading the latest NEWSLETTER ISSUE #495 from Web Design Blog and I sensed again too many companies might be relying on 3rd party platforms for their business planning, team collaboration, and business projects, software projects, team projects and more.
I have known and sensed this for far too long, yet, since I don't condone cloud collaboration per se for somethings, I do rely on cloud storage companies that are currently mainstream (dropbox, icloud drive, box, onedrive, etc.) The problem is if you get hacked, you won't know, unless ransomware is the predicament. Sometimes, corporate espionage is not about alerting you or letting you know your stuff in the cloud is being rummaged through, they just download a copy or rummage through it until they, the bad people, find something interesting.
Are the companies that use these platforms really that trusting and is there where the fault lays; at the hands of using something cool on a platform where you and your company rely on their security and protection. Most of the CXOs I know don't really care in practice, only on paper. They say they are compliant until they get their arse handed to them in a paper bag.
For me, that is a big mistake. If you/one have/has business planning, product planning, team collaboration on a 3rd party platform, you are at risk. There are solutions that don't put your all your eggs out there and at risk of spies, corporate espionage, and more.
I will come back and further explain.
ps. do most of these platforms have external dowloadable exportable solutions just in case, or does one rely on their 3rd party backup solutions to care for your business data? Hmmm. I always maintain that if my data can be imported it should be able to be exported. Some companies I know don't like that because once they have you, they have you and make it difficult for you to leave their platform, which should be illegal.
more to come...

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