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Electronics and recycling, scarcity of rare earth metals are we doing enough

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, July 10, 2021

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Ever since 2006, I started recycling electronics en mass because of my computer store. Every six months or so, I would arrange with local and remote electronic recycling companies to come get at least 6-9 totes, 1/4 semi of electronics, high value and filled with rare earth metals.  c/o Nevada Recycling and a few from California that just wanted my used CPUs (computer processors); by the box full no doubt.
Was my individual contribution for the last 15 years good enough, and are more companies doing it? Or are they just throwing electronics in the dumpster and into the land fill? I guess if they are, then the materials are going back into the earth, and in say 100,000 years, those dumps will have some degree of rare earth metals and more...
Are we doing enough, and are we showing reports and metrics that what we are doing is actually working?
I segue to an organization like Waste Management and are they doing enough? I would love to see some reports on all companies that had federal guidance, assistance, subsidy, and or the like to show the public their progress, problems, and other things that the public awareness should help with.
more to come...

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