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Crypto mining and power consumption, is it worth it

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, July 9, 2021

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Back when distributed computing was used and is now widely used, more like called Folding @ Home, there was a balance between using unused cycles versus massively generating bazillions of cycles; *ahem* to solve a problem.
When Crypto came to light, I was like, yeah, I get it, digital currency, and then I realized, its not that at all, its more like making a math problem harder, and then working harder to solve it. 
Is that value? create a problem to solve? I have never liked that idea. Don't create problems just to create problems that somehow have intrinsic value. Even when we say, oh, we must problem the open general ledger. Is there a better way? really? isn't there?
Well, the power consumption by super computers, now quantum computers, and the like, and data centers, data farms, and more... align with existing power grids and generation systems and even popup in residential rural areas unexpectedly. Someone has to do the math to understand capacity of power generation and in that the distribution load that needs to be provided and sustained.
What does all this mean? I mean, crypto is good, and crypto mining has some innate value just for the matter of making cryptography stronger and stronger, yet not at the risk of climate change, global warming.
We must have a better solution, one that is earth friendly. I got to think on this one. Where is my think tank leaders when I need to chair that group and ponder life's mysteries constantly, and find better ways to do things without killing all our natural resources.
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