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Remote Desktop MSTSC revisited and resource options while trying to update Teamviewer 8 on XP SP2

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, June 25, 2021

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I have been using Teamviewer for nearly 8 years and love it, yet from time to time, the Remote Desktop called MSTSC needs to be used. Well, its not everyday you need to remote to an XP computer running some special legacy service or app, so that is what happened.
The teamviewer on the XP machine was version 8, and the note from Teamviewer was it will permanently expire Sept 15 2021, so let's upgrade to the latest for XP, why not? Well, Teamviewer 14 was it, yet for some reason it would not install.. oh yes, XP Service Pack 2 was running and need version 3. Where do you get that service pack, not from microsoft for sure, and well well well. it was in an old backup from a computer on the network in our beloved OEMTOOLS folder.
Very well. SP3 installed, and Teamviewer 14 download and installed successfully.
Yet, in the midst of the last 2 paragraphs, remote access needed to be switched to Remote Desktop because I could not remote update Teamviewer, so I had to port forward through two routers from the outside world to the new computer on some obscure port temporarily and voila, that worked.
note and caveat: the Resource Options for Local Drives and Printer on MSTSC was unchecked so I don't try and throw drivers onto the target system. Smart move. Don't force your computer's environment on that target system.
In the end, disabled the port forwarding after the remote desktop was able to install the latest Teamviewer 14 on top of XP SP3 and done!
more to come...

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