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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) using AWS and Open Source revisited

Amazon AWS

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, June 11, 2021

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I had the chance to review a blog by an AWS lead today and his findings and report were good. It was titled Choosing a Well-Architected CI/CD approach: Open-source software and AWS Services.
Much of what he reported is what I/we had to do some 20-30 years ago when the Internet was still in a raw, basic, and in need of hybrid design. For all the systems we developed and deployed, we had hybrid open source and closed source solutions in our solution matrix.
The recipe for the solutions were exactly what Brian asserted in his report, and even today, what he said still is true. The "what" is in his report, and the when and how remains unmentioned, yet I have to admit, suggesting and telling people how and when to pull the trigger on any solution matrix requires bravery, courage and balls to get it past some hurdles to the point, you are all in and at the deep end of the pool. Once you get past the big hurdles, then its a breeze and you get to settle back down to a new normal. This is where all the new frameworks are just the same with a different spin (e.g. TOGAF, TBM, ITIL, LEAN, AGILE, SCRUM, etc.)
Good job Brian. good post and report. same story, different decades. same approach, new semantics and vocabulary yet in the end, still the same result. instead of working with hammers and handsaws we are now working with power tools, cutting torches, and TIG welding.
REF: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/devops/choosing-well-architected-ci-cd-open-source-software-aws-services/
more to come...

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