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Internet outages and odd data nuances and disturbances noticed

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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In the past two weeks, odd patterns of data appearing, disappearing, coming back partial and incomplete is a growing trend, again.
Question: If you have over 10,000 messages in your email inbox, and 1000+ folders where you manage all your correspondence, how do you know if you lose a message or folder? What if the support folks do a mass wipe and restore, and you are missing more than one message or folder that is vital to your company?
That is the million dollar question I have had for years. When I notice someone who has 25000+ email messages, and they are all important, and archival, retrieval, litigation, discovery and that kind of activity calls into question 100% data protection, accuracy and guarantee - doesn't it?
Well, I have seen in the past few weeks, across multiple systems a myriad of missing gaps in email and data files in client systems on their exchange servers, hybrid email systems, and cloud storage systems.
What is the solution? snapshot statistics to indicate growth, reduction, planned or unplanned, hacked or not, data loss and corruption or not, and so on and so forth.
for me, if it's important, have multiple backups and strategies over time and if the time comes where you need to recovery, you will be doing a historical merge (aka full, incremental) recovery.
Let's just keep an eye on systems, data and at least near 100% accuracy in your email and systems.
ps. how do I know this happens, well, I keep my inbox empty and when I come back the next day and old stuff I moved re-appears in my inbox, that gives me an indication something is afoot. That is just one of a few dozen odd situations I have noticed for me and my clients.
more to come...

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