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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Rapid7 Open Data and DNS CNAME growth using MS SQL analysis tools

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, June 3, 2021

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It's been nearly 3 years since we started analyzing Internet records en mass using Rapid7 Open Data.
Specifically, of all the digests they contained, there was one digest that we found called the CNAME digest .gz.
Our tools process and grind through the data, and then into a deep dive into the data set and then the results. We post process the data, and then go to the wild to further analyze the data in the gz and collect additional results on major key metrics and find trends and analyze those results for upstream and downstream vendors.
Prior to Rapid7, we had rudimentary tools to do a crude analysis yet it worked; specifically from the San Diego Super Computing organization; we did years of folding research and testing with their data processing goals.
Yet when the minds, researches and analysts of the world came together; Rapid7 was the landing zone.
the latest record version 3 review we had 191,048,123 cname records to process and analyze
now, as of yesterday, in version 4 review we had 208,668,040 cname records to process and analyze
it's amazing the growth of domains, related cnames and more.
** what do we do with that knowledge? we apply the research to our consulting and web development and dns management tools, and overall optimization of web content structures.
more to come...

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