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Ethics 101 and how to deal with potential issues, again

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, May 29, 2021

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It never surprises me to see and encounter potential ethics issues in folks who are in sales, marketing and business. I was once asked and taught by a colleague, "what's their motivation?"
Why? is it greed, pride and bad ethics seemingly found in those young (and even still the older) and those who have not learned the golden rule. The Golden Rule? "Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you."
Well, that's not quite the perfect quote, yet its close enough. Now that does not apply to bad behavior, meaning, "rip of those who would possibly plan to rip off you." No, that was not the intention of the Golden Rule.
It means; try to do good in business and with others and the good will exist and permeate. That might sound na├»ve, yet it's true. good karma. good will. in good faith. 
For some, that is not fast enough. They can't wait for tomorrow and earn something, and instead steal, twist, throw shade, and coerce to get something today. Well, that's not good to do yet for some, its seems natural and okay.
For example, just because the world is corrupt in some areas, does not give folks the right to say one thing, and the twist things and bend things and even bend the rules, and even break the rules, and then expect to get away with it, just because others are doing it.
For me, I have seen enough of bad business ethics that negatively affected me, and some just shrug their shoulders and move on and leave me empty, telling me I can't do anything to stop them or hurt them, and all I can say, well, first it was my fault for not seeing it, once, twice, three times across 20-30 years, and now, no way jose, are you getting back close to me for those exact reasons. Keep your ideas and your business schemes to yourself; good riddance.
I even have had local professors who I found unethical teaching on ethics no less, and some business owners who tell me things that make me cringe and I am like, wow. Sorry chaps, won't do things that are willfully unethical and wrong; i just look at them and mentally say quietly to myself; sayonara.
Remember, one may not be perfect, even me. I prefer doing more willful good than unknowingly bad. Yeah, we're not perfect, yet for some I encounter, their character of life as it seems is not about just having one issue, its about a pattern to be a trickster and conniving; and in doing so, manipulate, push around, steal, lie, cheat all in the name of its good business to be one of greed, pride, and because everyone else is doing it. Is that everywhere? no. Is it found in some who are aggressive in nature and competitive to the point that stealing a buck is faster than earning a buck.
For me, build a good business, be fair, be honest and always try to do the right thing. Please don't let others bend you or try to involve you in their schemes and bad business ideas or shinanagins. If you sense it, try to be up front and question, challenge and then leave it.
NOTE: Consider this if you are in management; asking HR if you are in doubt during re-organizations and expansion.
One can laugh and make light of it, and like my Dad always said, keep your eyes on ears open for the bad neighbor and be nice, yet be up front, stern when necessary and smile, and try to leave the door open for when they come around and be potentially better. He said from time to time, nobody knows, nobody cares, and this too shall pass, so let's get back to work. My Dad was humble to a fault yet I looked up to him for his quiet honesty and steadiness in the face of issues.
Life is short, memories are lost, and most people have more important things to worry about than a bad salesman or bad neighbor. Look for the good in most people and be street smart.
oh yeah, the older I get the more I understand to whisper at first, and then be quite frank, and raise your concerns and voice when necessary, yet remain diligent and carry a big stick and walk quietly.
more to come...

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