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Crypto Digital Currency - a look at DOGECOIN on the move though flat for the moment

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, May 28, 2021

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* disclaimer - this is not financial, legal or other advice. remember, wise counsel once said, caveat emptor * 
Let's talk about Dogecoin for a moment. It's developer based, it's fundamentally good and it has a spark for greatness above and beyond Bitcoin and Etherium. While the world of crypto currency is a model of success and failure like the invention of the automobile and mass manufacturing in the early 1900s, crypto is here to stay.
Who will win the platform of choice for consumers? Look at the GM, Chrysler, Ford history; the big three.
Now, let's step back to crypto as model. Who are the big three?
1. Bitcoin
2. Cardano
3. Dogecoin
Why? because these rules apply ; first to market, international support, creatively most useful.
What about the others? Well, look at the fundamentals! Look at first to market, best price, best quality, leap frogging, disruption, and finally overall customer acceptance. Which of these three is it? It's not just one. Economics competition never says, just one; that's a monopoly, yet we all look at the $100 bill (Benjamin) as it. It was gold, now its $100 bill, in currency and the future is digital currency and those will be like all exchanges worldwide, people want to own it, trust it, have localization with it (their country, their language), and history predicates it.
What will you do as an investor - be a viewer, developer, writer, investor, or some other participant in the future of commerce from the Earth to Space.
** Like I said a few months back, digital currency will be required to operate transactions in space. We can't have paper fibers floating around space (though we apparently do have a ton of trash in orbit, yet I can't see it). why not map that so we can see the trash and someone like Waste Management go up there and get rid of it, please. Do they need an invitation? the taxpayers of the world will pay for it; yet I have a feeling the equipment / materials / metals and technology though few are vital to recovery and safe recycling).
more to come...
REF 1: https://youtu.be/_KVZmS_UO5I
REF 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVMdq9pDiuQ
REF 3: https://www.mountaincomputers.org/myBlog/myBlog.asp?mode=view&id=1332 - is Elon smarter than Greta - no, yes, maybe - yet they both are missing one thing - the power of 1, teamwork.

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