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Pastors messages.. when they say...

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, August 20, 2018
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Pastor's messages.. when they say...

August 20, 2018

Over the weekend, I listened to a message from our Pastor Harvey "PH" at Reno Livingstones and he said some interesting things. We were to read and go over Matthew 5 and that's a good book to go over..part of The Beautiful Way... I had some thoughts and comments. I sort of got tired and nodded off at the end but in the midst of it, I wanted to write down my thoughts.


Here they are: When they (pastors and the like) say...


"You can't" --> I reply, yes "You can".... when they say you can't...Live Like Jesus -> again, I answer "Yes you can." They go on say we can't Be like Jesus ->, and finally, "Yes you can." He [God] said be like me so one can and one will if that is their desire and passion.


I know and repeat, We each are born & made perfect, as in God's image, and so in Jesus image. So, we live our lives making mistakes aka known as sins, and when we die we go before a great One and take the opportunity to listen and learn and see if we are worthy of a greater after life.. in our own little Heaven or a greater Heaven. If there is Hell, and God created it... then that sort of sucks.. a purgatory of sorts where there is infinite torture and turmoil. What kind of God is this? If all powerful and all merciful, one should let that slide and just give absolution and the ultimate pardon and call it good,


Let me re-iterate. The Word is not about "You Can't", it's about "You Can".


For example, getting married is about freedom, not slavery.


When a Pastor says "You can't, we can't.." Why not? Who said that? God? No. We, mankind said that to other mankind. I sort of get it. Does that happen to make us more sub-servant/subservient, rather than bold, strong and tall, all at the same time being humble and confident in our path and walk and willing to listen to those who are wise, meek, not necessarily free from failure and sin, but have gone through enough and done enough to want to be better, Jesus like and God like.. that's the goal. We can. Yes we can.


Repeatedly, the American faith works and preaching is all about sin and the path to salvation. I know if I keep reminding my kids about their sin, then all they think about is that sin, and if I remind them of my love and in doing so helps push out the chance for negative things, and then more will come to pass as good and great.


Pastor's speak of this Rock, we stand on, and the covering of blood of Jesus as our protection, grace and His mercy. I get it, through His guidance. I always speak to my Holy Spirit and ask for guidance and act appropriately and now more quickly than ever.


To make you, they say, one has to break you, that's their saying. Sounds like boot camp and basic training. Only when broken, can you rebuilt right, and in doing so, one finds their faith, so the saying goes. I believe it to a point and for the greater part, the worse the break and brokenness the greater the rebuild and recovery.


The Beautiful Way, the logo, neon turquoise, very interesting color and logo.


PH asked, who is going to heaven? My answer was "all of us". The room was silent. I wanted to speak up and say that, yet I had to mind my manners. The poor in spirit is all of us at some time.


PH asked, do I trust in myself? Again, my answer was "yes" and I said it out loud, not loud but audible and nodded. Not sure if that was the answer he wanted. He should finish the sentence and say, do I trust in myself when I am with Him or without Him. Why and why not could be a better explanation and expansion on the preach. Answering yes is not about not being humble yet assured that in the end and all through the process, one should not be afraid of their mortal end, but embrace it so that they live fully and only as good as one can with all the negative interruptions and negative influences around us. Still, be humble and carry a big stick, the stick of the Word, or better yet, that shield and sword God grants to those he asks to serve and protect those and all in His kingdom.


PH goes on and talks about #blessed and be happy and flourishing and that is how Christians are supposed to be viewed, rather than mourn. I mourn and feel sad of all that I see, and yet, I beam, will, and project the good that can come from being true and honest to the point of 100% of the time. That is God's will and Jesus desires in us.


Mourn. Hope, Hop & Skip, Smile. Be meek, yes I have used it often while PH mentioned probably not anyone this last year has used it. It's okay. I get it.  C.S. Lewis reference? Wow. The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe writer? Hmm.. I know if it as the story line and set of parables of Asland and the broken stone table, etc.. not many realize the parallelism of his books and Jesus and God. Good one PH.


Follow the guidance of the spirit. Ask if you should stay or go. listen. don't question. just do it. be surprised by the outcomes, and soon realize wisdom abounds from within.


Overall, PH gives some passionate good stuff to live by. Then communion.


Let me share a story, a had a dream a few years ago. It goes like this:


I dreamnt / dreamed I was on the mountain top somewhere and Jesus and others were gathered. I was standing near Jesus. The mountains were more like knolls. There were two knolls, grassy and smooth, and there were one or two tents, red patterns, white clothes were worn by all. It was sunny and blue skies, no wind, warm, and some would come and sat down on the second knoll while some watched from the first knoll. Some strolled from the first to the second. Jesus was on the second knoll. He did look at those on the first knoll. He was just there. I was there. It was good. He looked at me and we stood there and looked on.


that was all in the dream.


So, as our Pastor "PH" spoke, and they mentioned the Sermon on the Mount, I recalled my dream and how applicable it might be. Has anyone ever had that dream? there are more dreams over my past and I believe in the great good and their is something greater than me.


To keep the peace, and keep the balance, one has to realize a sermon from a pastor is just that, and how we take and carry that forward in our lives that day, the next day, and share with others is paramount to our own witness of what is now, and what is and will be at the end of our mortal life as we know it.


more to come..


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