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Hard drive failure due to overheating due to bad air flow inside case

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, May 23, 2021

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One does not see this every day, I ran across a PC that the OS was failing to stay running, locking up and freezing after an hour. Oddly, after transferring all data to another new system per the client's request, I noticed the front fan was blocked, and the 3 1TB Seagate drives were extremely hot.
Since I did not transfer the data from the source system while it was running (I just pulled each drive and transferred separately), I did not notice the heat factor, yet I did notice the stacking of the drives and the fan screens/filters were clogged.
So I checked the drives while the system was running and it was was overheating and over spec, so I turned it off, checked the drive fan and it was barely pushing air, so I replaced with a fan same size twice the air flow and re-arranged the drives to give them separation and voila.... stable system, drives nice and cool, and stable. Though the OS was riddled with multiple corrupts, I fixed that with dism health restore methods and voila.
check your fans and air flow and make sure you keep your platter drives cool. 
more to come...

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